Statement from Scott Metzger, General Manager, Wormtown Brewery

WORCESTER, Mass. (Oct. 31, 2019) – We were disappointed to hear the concerns of a member of our brewery family during her employment at Wormtown Brewery, because it goes against everything we believe in as a brewery.  At Wormtown, we strive to always maintain a culture that is supportive of our brewery family and the greater beer community.  This means that our people need the support and tools to grow, prosper and be the best possible team member that they can be.  While we cannot get into details on any employee, we do take ownership of the fact that it is our job to make sure our employees are given that opportunity.

We recognized this on the very day we heard about this situation, and began taking immediate steps to correct a decision and work toward a better outcome. We have been in contact with the individual since we were first made aware of this issue and are arranging to meet with her soon. We look forward to sitting down one on one to rectify this situation.

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