Brewing/Industry Experience: Average Home brewer of such classics as Truck Nuts Brown and Stinky Feet Wheat. Head wine maker and distiller Nashoba Valley Winery. Longest Lasting Wormtown Brewer and handy man
Favorite WT to drink: Buk Rye Pale Ale
Favorite WT to brew: 7Hills Pale (1 hop and quick mashout!)
When I’m not drinking WT: You’ll find me with an Offspring or shovel in my hand. (Damn snow)
Can vs Bottle: Whichever is most full!
My ‘At Bat’ song at Fenway Park would be: “Get Behind the Mule” by Tom Waits
Favorite Movie or Super Hero: Jaws (makes me want to go fishing with explosives)
Personal Info I don’t mind sharing: I have a really hard time listening to Jay’s music. Questionnaires give me gas. I like spicy food and fishing on the weekends. I am an Aries. I seldom put away my laundry or go out on a weekday.

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