Table Talk Chocolate Pecan Pie Ale

The collaboration continues! Made with real Table Talk Chocolate Pecan pies, an abundance of cocoa powder, lactose and real pecans, this beer gives you that overwhelmingly warm feeling of the holidays. Notes of caramel, golden pie crust and hints of rich chocolate make this a well-balanced porter perfect for spending time with family and friends.
Cheers to Worcester businesses working together!

Appearance: Dark brown
Aroma: Molasses, caramel sweet chocolate and pecans
Tasting Notes: Sweet & bakers chocolate, roasted malt balanced by vanilla and earthy pecans
Prominent Hops: Warrior, Jester
Prominent Malt: 2-row, CaraVienna 20, Pale Chocolate
Yeast: Ale
Food Pairings: Table Talk Chocolate Pecan Pie of course!!!

6.6% ABV, 31 IBU, SRM 48

Availability: Limited
Packaged In: 6/4 16oz cans, 1/6 kegs, 50L kegs