Norm Coconut Chocolate Stout

This brew is named after Norman Miller, the MetroWest Beer Nut and author of Beer Lover’s New England. Ever since we opened our doors in 2010, Norm had been peskily suggesting we brew a coconut beer. In 2012, we relented and named it “Norm”. Norm is an oatmeal stout brewed with ten specialty malts, cacao nibs, and one pound of organic toasted coconut per gallon.

Appearance: Deep chocolate, Coffee
Aroma: Coconut, Milk chocolate
Tasting Notes: Coconut caramel cookies, coconut candy, Milk Chocolate, Slight Roast
Prominent Hops: Fuggle
Prominent Malt: Valley Malt roasted oats, Chocolate malt
Yeast: Ale
Food Pairings: Chocolate/Coffee Ice Cream, Oatmeal Cookies

7.8% ABV, 30 IBU, SRM 110

Availability: Limited
Packaged In: 6/4 16oz cans, 1/6 kegs