To our Brewery Family:
At Wormtown we have always wished the best for our people. In addition, we have always taken great pride when another brewery thinks one of our team members can make their brewery better! Therefore, it is with bittersweet emotions that we announce today that our GM of just under 2 years, Scott Metzger, is leaving us to take the position of COO at Maui Brewing Company (MBC). While only with us for a short time, Scott provided a steady hand and critical leadership to our brewery during the pandemic, which was the worst period in our industry since Prohibition.
While professionally, I was looking forward to a time where Scott could focus his time and energy on strategic projects to drive our brewery into the future, I am personally thrilled for Scott, his wife Sheena and his two girls, Zoe and Dylan. As a self-appointed Worcester Fan Boy, I rarely miss an opportunity to take up the battle cry of how amazing our city is. But in this case, I admit that this opportunity truly might be the only job I would encourage anyone to leave for!
On behalf of our entire team at Wormtown, we wish Scott and his family the very best. Mahalo!
David M. Fields
Don’t Worry… Be Hoppy

To my valued friends and colleagues at Wormtown:
As announced today at lunch and in the above message from David, I will be leaving Wormtown in a few weeks. My last day will be Friday, August 13 when I leave to take the position of Chief Operating Officer at Maui Brewing Co. (I have heard many people refer to Maui as the Worcester of the Pacific? I’ll report back on this…)
My time here has been filled with ups, downs, successes, challenges, and unexpected twists and turns, but one thing has remained true throughout: this group of people I had had the pleasure of working alongside ranks among the absolute best. Your talent, passion and creativity make this place special and
worth fighting for. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you, developing friendships and working on your behalf each and every day.
Over the next three weeks I will be working closely with many of you to properly transition all of my business functions. I am committed to doing all I can to ensure that Wormtown is in a position to move forward seamlessly and continue making great beverages that put smiles on faces all over the region.
I’d like to thank David, Ben, Rich and Kary for their trust and support and allowing me to be a part of this wonderful family of individuals. The future is bright for Wormtown, and I will forever be rooting for your success.
A billion thank yous,
Scott Metzger