Our neighbors on Shrewsbury Street offer some of the best food in central MA. This is why we allow our guests to BYOF (Bring Your Own Food). They make great food and we make delicious beer!

If you just need a quick bite, we do offer appetizers and light snacks.

Check out our FOOD MENU HERE

I want to try all your beers! Do you offer flights?

Yes we do! Our flights are comprised of four 6oz pours of your choice. If you can’t decide, you can ask for spiritual beer advice from one of our knowledgeable beer-tenders!

Can I fill a different brewery’s growler here?

Unfortunately, we cannot fill Growlers with any other brewery logos or stickers on them as Mass ABCC Advisory states, “the growler is entirely blank, devoid of any labeling of another brewery”

  1. Thus, no other brewery labels or stickers allowed
  2. Personal stickers that are generic and not a brewery specific sticker such as “Drink Local Beer” or “Go Red Sox” or “World’s Best Dad” are OK.
  3. If it has any labeling of another brewery, it must be removed by the customer prior to filling. It cannot be just covered up by another sticker.
  4. Since we don’t manually fill off the tap and we use a Gruber growler filling machine, the generic growler has to fit in the machine, or we cannot fill it.

If I have a clean 64 oz Wormtown growler can I trade it in for a smaller 32oz growler or vice-versa?

Absolutely! Since there is a one-time glassware fee of $5 for both sizes you are more than welcome to swap between sizes if the one you bring in is completely clean.

Is it okay if I bring my kids to the brewery?

Absolutely! We have a wide array of games for them to play as well. We simply ask you keep an eye on your little ones as you would in any establishment.

How about dogs?

While we love our furry friends, we do not allow dogs on our patio or in the taproom. We do allow service dogs with proper the documentation.

Do you guys have food? I’m hungry!

While we not have a full kitchen, we are proud to offer some great snacks such as amazing traditional Auzzie Pies, Sausage rolls, Spinach rolls and chips and salsa. We also offer our very own Mass Whole pretzels served with Be Hoppy mustard. We are completely BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) and are surrounded by a vast array of amazing restaurants as well!

Do you guys offer anything else to drink besides beer?

We offer an array of soft drinks and seltzers for our non-alcohol drinkers however as for any additional alcoholic beverages we can legally only sell what we brew and currently we only brew beer and occasionally hard seltzer.

Is everything on tap made here?

You know it!

Can we get a tour of the brewery?

Come get a behind the scenes look! We offer tours of the brewery Saturday and Sunday at 12:30PM, 1:30PM, and 2:30PM. Sign-ups are not required, just show up! The tours are completely free but if you are so inclined, we accept donations to the Worcester Food Bank.

I want to visit the brewery. Is there plenty of parking?

Fear not, we have a free parking lot so you can drink without worrying about feeding a meter!

I’m having a party and I want to get a keg of Wormtown beer from the brewery!

Aw shucks, we are flattered. Unfortunately, due to the three-tiered system in Massachusetts you need to go through your local package store to get our kegs. We have a list of all our distributors and what areas they cover on our website if you need more information.

Why Wormtown?

Ah the most commonly asked question at the brewery. A nickname for Worcester, MA coined over 40 years ago for its large underground music scene. Alternatively, we just thought it was a way cooler name than Worcester Brewing Co!

Do you have TVs?

We do have TVs!

72 Shrewsbury St #4
Worcester, MA 01604




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