Tap Room Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Thursday: 12:00-9:00pm

Friday – Saturday: 12:00-10:00pm

Sunday: 12:00-7:00pm

Brewery Tours:

We offer FREE tours on Saturday & Sunday at 12:30pm, 1:30pm & 2:30pm.

Wormtown Brewery hosts private events on Mondays. For more information please email us.

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Growler Policy:

  1. We cannot fill Growlers with any other brewery logos or stickers on them as Mass ABCC Advisory states, “the growler is entirely blank, devoid of any labeling of another brewery”
    1. Thus, no other brewery labels or stickers allowed
    2. Personal stickers that are generic and not a brewery specific sticker such as “Drink Local Beer” or “Go Red Sox” or “World’s Best Dad” are OK.
    3. If it has any labeling of another brewery it must be removed by the customer prior to filling. It cannot be just covered up by another sticker.
  2. We cannot fill Growlers that do not fit in our Gruber machine.
    1. They must be the same size (height, diameter, opening) as our Wormtown growlers
    2. If our cap doesn’t fit easily and completely on the customer’s growler… it cannot be filled on the Gruber
    3. No metal or plastic growlers in the Gruber
  3. If the generic growler fits in the Gruber, they can be filled, but if the glass Growler breaks while in the Gruber, we are not responsible for the replacement of that Growler
    1. Net, the consumer allows us to attempt to fill the growler at their own risk
    2. Wormtown will replace the broken growler with a Wormtown growler, free of charge
  4. Post Gruber fill:
    1. Customer must allow taproom staff to attach the usual tag with Brand information, date and Cleaning instructions
    2. Customer must allow taproom staff to adhere our sticker with Wormtown Brewery information; Government Warning; and Glass Warning.

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